Jean Dujardin

I cannot get enough of this man.

Sidenote to my awesome BF: you only have to be a little jealous of Jean. ;-)  Believe me, you’re my favorite ! xoxo

Anyway, Jean Dujardin is one of the most attractive men I have ever seen. I have, in the past year, become more acquainted with his works of comedy (see examples via youtube below) and now, watching him in The Artist, I am swooning. Attractive, funny, a great actor, AND FRENCH…are you kidding me.  ((sigh))

whoa! sorry, I was daydreaming.

Probably my favorite thing about Jean – his eyebrows are absolutely fantastic! Everyone should aspire to have such eyebrows: full of personality and emotion. Some may find me crazy to be attracted to a man’s eyebrows but come on, who else can raise an eyebrow and have this effect?!?  NO ONE!

And so, I end my random musings with trailers and youtube videos as a tribute to this gorgeously talented actor

Jean Dujardin

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