Traveling Thursday: Bordeaux, France

I have traveled to France twice now…in the last 8 months and I keep looking for places to travel for a quick weekend, stopping in Amsterdam and London but I am itching to take a tour around France itself! I hope that next time I show up in France I will take a trip down to:


Travel time from Paris, France via train:   ~3.5h

Wanna go/Have gone/Going:       Wanna go

I really don’t know alot about the city itself, other than the region being a very important place for making great wines…what else is there that you need to know, really? It is a quick TGV train ride away from Paris and I am sure it is gorgeous in the summer (when I hope to return!).

Some things to see and do:

You can tell by now that I am most excited about the wine… 🙂

Again, I am not nearly an expert on the region and welcome any suggestions or ideas of nice things to see and do. If nothing else, it seems like a beautiful region and I can foresee many picnics in my future travel!

Happy Trails!

One thought on “Traveling Thursday: Bordeaux, France

  1. Nice, I hope you do get to go soon! Bordeaux is really beautiful and has a lovely waterfront. The city center is a cool place to be enjoyed just by walking around. If you’re really interested in wine you might wanna make a trip to St.Emilion as well, which is a 30-minute train ride from Bordeaux 😉

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