French Film Friday: Le Papillon

Again, I love watching French movies and as part of my French 2 class we are asked to watch a film once this semester in order to write a short compostion about it. This semester’s choice for us was Le Papillon. It is a shorter film that kept me smiling the whole time! If you need a cute film as a pick-me-up, watch this one! Luckily, it is instant streaming on netflix as well!

The story follows the stories of two characters Elsa,

a small 8 year old girl who longs for her young single mother’s attention and Julien, an older gentleman on a quest to fulfill a promise. Their paths collide and you’ll have to watch to see what happens. I promise, you will not regret watching this movie! I have to be honest, one of the reasons I liked it so much is that I think that small children speaking French is absolutely adorable!!! My BF makes fun of me for that, but I can’t help but smile when little French children would be on the metro beside me, chatting away with their parents. 🙂


One thought on “French Film Friday: Le Papillon

  1. I’ve heard about this film before, looks like I’ll just have to go watch it now! The clip does it justice, the little girl is just so adorable!

    I totally agree with you about kids speaking in French, or any other language for that matter, I just melt!!

    If you’re into French films, I’m sure you might have heard of “Intouchables”? C’est indispensable, easily one of the best French Films I’ve ever seen, it’s huge in France at the moment and well worth watching 🙂

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