Tasty Tuesday: Speculoos!

I discovered a delicious cookie while flying Delta airlines a few years ago. I never realized that this cookie would exist outside of those tiny regional jets, however, on my first trip to Paris last November my BF offered me cookies, Speculoos cookies.

I accepted, seeing as how I love cookies, well all things sweet really and I fell in love! This is one cookie that I cannot stop eating! I decided to bring back some of these yummy cookies from France only to find out that you can buy small packages at some common grocery stores or even in bulk on Amazon. My BF bought me a giant box of them for Christmas, haha. They work so well with coffee and tea or milk or whatever drink you desire, maybe not wine though but hey, whatever floats your boat.

I was walking through wal-mart a few days ago when I spotted Speculoos spread! I can’t believe it! This is just as bad for me as Nutella since I can’t seem to stop once I start eating it. I bought it anyway 🙂 and now I am planning on making Peanut Butter Cookies but with Speculoos spread. And there are so many other recipes that I can make with this creamy deliciousness – Check them out HERE.

I also had some awesome gelato in Paris after a concert in a little gelato shop near Bastille…AMAZING! I am completely obsessed!

Anyway, go out and get you some of this stuff…you’d probably find a package in your U.S. store that  looks  like this:




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