Traveling Thursday: Washington, DC (specifically in the spring)

I am having a hard time writing the Traveling Thursday blog since it generally makes me think of all the places I would rather be than here in Pennsylvania, USA but I will give it my best shot this week with something a little closer to home. Although not completely related to France and Franco-filing, this is a place / event that anyone would be lucky to see.

Washington, DC USA during the Cherry Blossom festival

Travel time: well, it is a 3.5 hour drive for me from PA…not really drive-able / train-ride-able from Paris…sorry!

Wanna go/Have gone/Going:       Wanna go / have gone

 So last spring break my BF and I traveled to Washington, DC for a long weekend (this is how I tie in the French with this American destination, haha). It  was a nice little vacation, a bit chilly still but hey, we were going to monuments and museums anyway so it wasn’t really a big deal. We got to see all the big stuff you’d think of (being his first trip to our nation’s capital we had to be touristy with our cameras and oohs and ahhs and whatnot).

Ya know, all of the recognizable stuff. But we were disappointed to realize that the Cherry Blossom festival wasn’t until 2 weeks later. We just missed one of the most beautiful times in DC. And so, now that it is a year later and I still don’t have time to get into the city for a view of the Blossoms, I will leave you with pictures from the festival’s website.



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