French Music Monday: Carla Bruni

I am sure it is no surprise that Carla Bruni would make it into the French Music Monday spot. She is just fantastic, great voice and gorgeous…and married to the president, I mean come on, she’s winning in life for sure! I also loved that she got a role in one of my favorite movies recently Midnight in Paris. She was super cute and it was a great way to get her a cameo!

I came upon her album Quelqu’en m’a dit first when searching for french music and I did the whole – listen to it until I know every song – thing that I do when I find a new french artist/album I love. 

Every song on here is great, but I really love La dernière minute just because it’s quick and fun. She has a few other albums for you to check out but obviously there hasn’t been a ton of other music making lately due to starting a family and all. Here are a few video / music clips from youtube for you to enjoy…

Have a melodious Monday!

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