Tasty Tuesday: Camembert!

I looooove cheese! I have probably already said this but oh how I love cheese! On my last visit to France I was able to attend a Wine and Cheese tasting and I adored that experience. I also was able to have dinner at my BFs brothers place and they also supplied some awesome cheese for the evening. One of my favorite new cheeses is Camembert! It sounds so fantastically French! 🙂 It is a super soft cheese that I love having with red wine. It is quite strong but not blue cheese strong, just enough to merit a nice medium to full bodied red to accompany.

Funny story about Camembert: while I was at dinner at my BFs brother’s place they offered me Roquefort, Camembert, ComtĂ©, etc. I was thrilled since I really have grown quite fond of Camembert but his brothers reaction was priceless. Apparently the two of them recently got into eating/trying cheese, I know I know, they are FRENCH wtf mate? But anyway now he at least tries cheese but when he saw the Camembert, as it began softening, he said it looked alive and so he didn’t think that was meant to be eaten! He tried it and hated it, which made me laugh because he loved the Roquefort, which is hard for me to eat!


Something interesting I learned while making this post: the difference between Brie and Camembert, I really didn’t know: at its basis Camembert is from Normandy and Brie is from the Île de France. Because of the different origins they are made a bit differently and therefore have a different flavor. I tend to prefer the Camembert to Brie but I really like both.

This cheese is great with a baguette as well since it is somewhat creamy and spreadable if at room temperature (at its best!).

I am quite long winded today, sorry. Anyway, go enjoy some cheese!!!!!


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