Mind Wandering Wednesday: Albert Camus – La Peste

My roomate, who took French in high school got me interested in reading more intense French literature…now, realize that my French is NOT good enough to read literature of this depth in its original language and some would find this appauling, to read a book like The Plague by Albert Camus in anything but French but come on people, I want to read the book and I do not want to spend three years reading a sentence and picking up my French dictionary…so anyway, even if you now hate me for reading this book in English, whatever. Whenever my French becomes good enough to indulge in French fiction I will, I promise. I have already borrowed my BFs first 4 Harry Potter books

written in French and that is where I will start, not with La Peste (The Plague). 🙂

Anyway, I am only just into part II and it is quite gripping. Unfortunately I keep trying to read a few chapters before bed, when I am already tired so I am not getting very far, but I shall persevere! I don’t have much to say yet, just that I am enjoying this whole digging deeper than face value thing that Camus has going on. After I read a chapter I try and think about it not so literally, since Camus generally writes about the current societal and political issues within these fictional works. I sometimes check out what sparknotes has to say on ideas just to get another interpretation.

I will probably not finish it for a while so DON’T spoil it for me but any suggestions for other French fiction writers past and present are always appreciated!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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