French Film Friday: Paris (A film by Cédric Klapisch)

You may notice from past film Friday’s that I really like Juliette Binoche and after watching The Spanish Apartment and Russian Dolls I am quite fond of Romain Duris as well! This movie follows a few Parisians as they go throughout they’re days. The movie focuses on life and living and the envy of living fully, of regret and hopes.  This movie was quite moving (sounds funny to say that, but whatever). I am  pretty sure it is available through netflix dvds.

It is great to watch this moving having gone to Paris, there are such great scenes throughout the movie, I realize now that the director (Cédric Klapisch) is great about having awareness of the set and surroundings and not just the action and actors. The soundtrack is also fantastic, if you like music…and who doesn’t?!?

I don’t like to give a whole lot of my opinion on movies because I think it affects how you view it (having preconceived notions and all) so I will just leave you with a preview of the movie.




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