Saturday Site:

GrooveShark is a savior. I realize this may sound somewhat sacrilegious but seriously folks…an american lover of French music just can’t find enough of it here…unless you pay the crazy prices for imports or rely on the selection of itunes store (which is actually quite good most of the time). is a site that you can search for pretty much any music you want and stream it on your computer. It is where I am finding entire CDs of my new favorite french artists!


One thought on “Saturday Site:

  1. I am in complete agreement. Grooveshark has become an integral part of my daily life, like my morning tea. It’s funny, I used to cook in a French restaurant, and the cook I worked with supplied the latest music for the soundtrack to be played. I got so tired of it while I was there, but since I left, I have begun to miss it. It sounded so beautiful. Can you suggest some bands, groups, or musicians for me?


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