Mind-Wandering Wednesday: Flight frustration

As you can tell I like alliteration…

In other news, I am working on getting travel plans for this summer down and it is giving me great stress noticing how expensive flights are in the summer. Here’s the deal:

I have bought two tickets from my smallish hometown airport to Paris (connecting in Philly) and here is the cost breakdown

November 2011 – $917

March 2012 – $827

If I wanted to take the same flight this summer —-

June 2012 – $1400!!!!!


I am way too cheep for that to happen and so I have decided to megabus it into New York City to fly JFK to Paris and even then the prices are around $1100. It makes me sad. And so, I settled with a flight today, on a little known airline (makes me CRAZY nervous, let me know if you have any prior experience with this airline!) aireuropa: JFK to Orly for $960 through student universe. Booking through this website (which verifies student status through school granted email addresses) saved me about $100, which I was weirdly happy about, I mean, with my megabus ticket to NYC and the stress together, I will have paid less than $1000 on my flight, which was my goal. I have had Kayak alerts for about two months now and I wasn’t thinking prices would come down from there but I do get to stay for three weeks!!! One long weekend in Marseille, visiting the lab I may get to work with for my PhD research and hopefully soaking up the sun on the beach and perhaps a scuba diving day (suggestions of companies welcomed), a day trip to Normandy, possibly see another Opera, bike tour around Monet’s gardens, EAT (cook with fresh ingredients from markets with my BF more than eating out!), check out the catacombs and for goodness sake, PRACTICE MY FRENCH!

I am generally pretty cheep, as I said before, when it comes to spending this amount of money, however, I continue to tell my BF (who I will get to spend lots of time with!!) that if there were ever a thing to spend money on, it is this: being with him, spending the summer in a beautiful city! I have never regretted traveling and I figure, that $1000 would be spent at some point, at least this way I have some great memories from it. Again, I have never thought, “man, I wish I could have gotten stuff instead of a flight to Paris”… are you kidding, that’d be super silly. I am very much looking forward to my third trip to France in less than a year…when I say it like that you’d think I was rollin in the dough, however, realize that I had a whole year dating my French boyfriend, realizing I would want to see him there, to save dollaz so really, this is just me spending my savings for what it was intended. 🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to vent about flight buying and ask opinons on any of the above.

How much does flight pricing during certain times of the year or to certain destinations hinder your travel bug?


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