Mind-Wandering Wednesday: Summer

Where is summer anyway? I have less than a week left of this semester’s classes and here in central PA it is COLD! We got snow a few days ago. Now, with May right around the corner I say this is unacceptable! We barely had a winter, got a little taste of summer and now it is winter again? I like the slow progressing seasons, ya know, the way it is supposed to be.

All of this just gets me thinking about how awesome it would be to live, if even briefly in a place that has summer year-round…like Marseille perhaps? haha, well I received my Provence et la Côte d’Azur guidebook and I cannot wait to visit. Again I plan on spending my time scuba-diving and touristing around Marseille for this first trip. I need to make sure the city gives me a good vibe since although I have friends (oh, and my BF) in France, I don’t know a soul in Marseille, I will be lonely so if the city gives me good vibes I can “suffer” through the occasional loneliness and enjoy what Marseille has to offer (ps. why does spell check keep telling me I spell Marseille wrong? err!)

Anyway, what else will I do with my summer you ask? (well you probably didn’t but I will tell you anyhow…) I am going to get a French tutor so that I can continue progressing with the language. This may offer me the chance to “skip” my university’s French 003 class and go ahead and take their equivalent French 4 =Conversation and reading comprehension. I am proud to say that my listening, reading and writing are pretty good but I need to work on speaking. I have a barrier in my mind when I speak, maybe I mentioned this before, where I know the words, I am just too scared to say them…doesn’t make any sense, I know. I talked to my French teacher and she said she would tutor me this summer, I think this will be really helpful to have one-on-one help throughout my break. I think this will make it so that when I (hopefully) go to live in Marseille for a while (for my studies) I will feel more comfortable speaking.

Before I get to experience France again, I will be traveling to Oxford, MS. I know I know, Mississippi in the summer?!? Who had that idea?!? It is kind of like a summer school of advanced topics in my field. It is a nice honor to be chosen to attend but it used to be held on a ranch in New Mexico…now we are stuck in hot-muggy-humid-mosquitoy Mississippi for a week? Meh. Maybe the campus will be nice but I have driven through MS and I wasn’t impressed (anyone from MS offended? Give me details to prove my assumptions wrong…please?).

I will also travel to Panama City, Florida this summer to visit my older sister with my little sister…does that make sense. My older sister is there for school and work and I have not seen her for a few years! WHAT! The last time I saw her was in Las Vegas for a family reunion of sorts and I miss her! She is two years older than me, 5 inches shorter and still calls me midget … if offensive I apologize but you see the irony, right? Anyway, it will be very nice to see the sunshine down there, since obviously Central PA will not be getting any sun soon…

That’s enough rambling, busy times ahead…pushing through finals then onto my PhD candidacy exam early June, then on to France!!!! (T-53 days until I see my BF again!!!!!)

Happy Wednesday!

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