Summer French Tutoring: Session 1

Bonjour mes amis!

I decided it would be fun to blog about my French tutoring sessions this summer. I just finished my first one and let me say…it is SO much better than taking a class. Yes, it is more expensive but I am a fan. Here is why:

  1. If I have a question I am not afraid to ask
  2. If I have a question it is answered right away
  3. We are able to move at whatever pace I need to
  4. I get to delve deeper into the stuff that interests me
  5. I really can learn exactly what I want

Today we did this stuff:

  • reviewed Passé composé vs. Imparfait
  • reviewed direct and indirect object pronouns
  • learned how and why to add past participle agreement with a preceding direct object pronoun (confusing but not too bad)
  • I learned the entirety of Plus-que-parfait! Not difficult but in a classroom setting we would have spent a chapter on this! (like 2 weeks)
  • Learned when to use PC vs IMP vs PQP

I am so impressed! Not with myself necessarily, with the process. I cannot wait to see how I can progress throughout the summer. I feel that I am not going to get as much conversational practice as I would like but judging by the way things went today I feel that I will be able to test out of the French 3 class I was going to take this fall and get into the french 4 equivalent which is based on Conversation skills and reading comprehension. This will be a great class to have before I head to France (((fingers crossed)))! I plan on getting these tutoring sessions in once to twice a week throughout the summer (when I am here at home and not running around the country / world) so I will try to keep up and write about them (including but not limited to: my feelings about certain grammatical topics, how things are going…etc). Should be an adventure in and of itself! Who knows, maybe I can start writing these posts in French and everyone out there fluent in French can correct my mistakes! Another way to learn!

Speaking of, I bought another book to help me practice reading and speaking with my BF. The book is called: Le petit Nicolas et les copains.

I found it on ebay for pretty cheap and I heard good things. We’ll see if I am good with it or not, should be fun anyway.

à bientôt!


2 thoughts on “Summer French Tutoring: Session 1

  1. How marvelous – I’d love that kind of opportunity to improve my French! I’ve had small group classes and learned a lot quickly, but I’m sure tutoring is just that much better.

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