French-ify my Baking!

I am sooooo excited! Here’s the backstory….

almost a year ago my wonderful French boyfriend bought me the most amazing gift ever….why? Well first because he is awesome and probably because he wanted something (no, not necessarily that…haha). He bought me this:

so the thing he wanted I am assuming was me to bake more. Actually I am going back to the he’s awesome one…cause he is!

That’s us, cause we like cats 🙂

Anyway, for this past year I have been baking cookies like that is the only thing people should eat. I LOVE making cookies, but only to share. My favorite part is eating the dough so once they are cooked I don’t want them… jk jk, I really like all type of baked goods. Especially making ones that I can’t just easily buy from the store. I like a challenge and though I have LOTS to learn about baking, I am getting rather good I think 🙂

So what is up next??? I wanted to try baking French stuff, why? Why not!!! What is crazy French and possibly crazy hard? Macarons!!!

Soooo, if I didn’t already think my BF was awesome today he did something way super exciting  — he bought me this stuff:

Macaron Baking Mat

A macaron baking mat and a macaron cookbook! WHAT?!? I know that it will be a hard road to travel but I am determined to be able to make these little buggers! Amazon better hurry up with my stuff, I am so excited I really can’t wait!

Anyway, just had to share. Thanks BF, you’re awesome!!

One thought on “French-ify my Baking!

  1. You’ll have to tell me how this goes. This is on my list of things to make. I have mastered Madelines and I’m ready to move on.

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