Summer French Tutoring: Session 2

Round two of my summer French learning went well. A few things I noticed: a week is a long time between lessons, unless you really practice every day what you learned in the last session. I found that by the time we started looking at the work I did as “homework” I really didn’t remember why I had chosen certain forms of the verbs and it was like redoing the work again, haha. This week, I have two sessions, one this past Monday (in which I will detail…) and one on Thursday (tomorrow) so hopefully I will be much better about practicing what we have learned this week.

What we worked on:

  1. review of past tenses: Passé composé, Plus-que-parfait, Imparfait
  2. run through of passive voice

Again, this isn’t too bad right now, it is just fast and so there are still times I mess up a conjugation due to brain-freeze but even my tutor says these things will come more easily with time (as with all things I suppose).

FYI We’re working mainly out of these books:

  1. En Bonne Forme (a french grammar book in French…shew, could be hard but useful in the long run!)
  2. Rond-Point (the text book used at my University)
  3. Contextualized French Grammar (a nice concise Grammar review)

Thursday we’ll do some listening utilizing the past tenses and look quickly (not sure that’s the right word) at passé simple.

I am hoping to do a bit more with conversational skills before my next trip to France…in 32 days, if you were wondering!! Yesterday I had a nice date with my BF over skype. We watched a good movie (The Barbarian Invasions) and I read to him a bit out of my new French reader book, which is pretty cute. I like reading to him, it is nice to know my accent can be understood by a native speaker!

As a side note to the tutoring but def French related: I bought some almond powder and a food scale on amazon today in order to make rockin’ macarons soon. Should be getting all of the supplies in time for the weekend baking party (party of 1, haha).

Is it weird that I want to make macarons to take to France with me for my BF to try. Am I just asking for rejection or what?Asking a guy who has access to the best bakeries around to try MY macarons…oh well. He’ll respond accordingly, if he knows what’s best for him… haha.

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