My recent Frenchy Purchases…

In preparation for my macaron making (I am sure you’re all tired of reading about this and seeing no results…soon my friends, very soon!) I have made some purchases as I mentioned the other day.

but here are some more Frenchy purchases I have made recently….

sadly I cannot yet purchase a whole bottle, this is like a tiny little vial sample but hey, I feel WAY french and fancy wearing this. I also ordered a sample vial of coco mademoiselle to try. I feel like it may be a lighter scent. My BF says we can go to the Paris Sephora and look there for full-sized versions of what I want. I mean I LOVE perfume but I never invest, I usually buy bath and body works stuff, which I love. But I am a grown up and willing to put money into something like this that makes me feel sexy, ya know?!? So we’ll go to Sephora and find something for me and … wait for it… something for him! He isn’t a cologne type of guy but if we buy something for him together it is like his “scent for me”. If that makes any sense…ha. We’ll see what we find…any suggestions?

Also, check out what has happened to my bed-side table:

can you tell that most of my books are French related…haha. French dictionary, easy French reader, The Discovery of France (a historical geography), Le Petit Prince, my South of France travel guide….on and on. Hmm, I have a feeling that this is borderline obsession…no?

Well, off to my next French tutoring session.

à bientôt mes amis!


One thought on “My recent Frenchy Purchases…

  1. I’m a coco mademoiselle kind of gal. I’m already on my third eau de parfum bottle. I just love it! I recently got a kitchen scale, too. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I got it. No more converting! Yay! Enjoy your books! When I started learning french I read short stories with a dictionary right by me.

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