Summer French Tutoring: Sessions 3 and 4

Well I am moving right along with my tutoring sessions! I began this venture in hopes of practicing my speaking this summer but it has transformed into getting ahead…meaning: I was told today that I am going to be super ready to begin French 201 (Oral Communication and Reading comprehension, like French 4 at my university) by this Fall. So yes, this chick will be skipping French 3. Again, the only reason I wanted to do this is because I already felt like I was waaaay more into these classes than most of the students and by the time you get to French 201 it is no longer required and therefore more serious students will take this class…that’s the idea anyway.

Here is a recap of Lessons 3 and 4 (she pulls out her quickly filling composition notebook):

  1. Review of: placement of adjectives (I don’t know why I can’t remember this), placement of pronouns (and where to put them if you’re using multiple..Elle me l’a dit…). Passé Simple, Imparfait, Passé composé et Plus-que-parfait
  2. Began fairy tale writing. This is kind of fun. I love getting a glimpse of how cultures differ in things like this and having a native speaking french tutor, one who obviously grew up there, gives me the inside into these things.
  3. I had lots of homework this time!  I took a mock test, one that the accelerated class would have taken that really focuses on all of the past tenses and I think I did okay.
  4. we did a lot of reading today, out loud to work on my pronunciation…shew, it wore me out! But it was good for me. I just feel bad for my teacher, I am sure it is a bit exhausting to listen to! I was reading the story of Rumpelstiltskin, sad story really…
  5. Worked on some conjugation with Passé simple and plus-que-parfait
Next we’ll begin looking at the subjunctive and we’ll do futur simple and other future tenses and more listening exercises and reading aloud for practice in speaking! Yay French!

I think it is going well and I am glad that I am doing this. Hopefully I will be corageous enough to speak French while in France this time…more than last time, and the time before. I mean, baby steps…right?

Happy Monday!

Hopefully I will begin my cooler blogging soon. June 18 I leave for France so those three weeks will be travel blogs. Perhaps when I get back I will return to things as usual? I hope so too!


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