Macaron Success!

Hello all! Long time no see! My life is on hold for my exam that is on Friday but I couldn’t help but come on here and check my fave blogs and show you my Macaron making success!

I chose an easy recipe out of the book I mentioned before using French Meringue and vanilla butter cream filling since I didn’t have the right utensils to make ganache just yet … soon though 🙂

Here are some pictures, though not perfect looking they tasted awesome! My almond flour wasn’t ground finely enough so the shells aren’t smooth, once I find my little food processor I will work to make them more beautiful. (sorry for the somewhat blurry photos, I had maracon stuff all over my hands and didn’t take the time to get a great shot…I am definitely not a photographer!)

If it says anything, while in Mississippi last week I met some European dudes who are now traveling up the East coast, I met them in Philly on Monday and they tried my macarons and they were impressed. One of the guys was French … so there! 🙂

I am heading to Paris on June 18th … Travel blog will then commence.

à bientôt!

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