Macarons Round 2

So I tried again … I bought some fancy ingredients, including powdered egg whites. The cookbook I have suggested this for humid climates and to more quickly “age” your egg whites if you didn’t have enough forsight to do this ahead of time 🙂

I also bought fleur de sel in order to make salted caramel filling for my vanilla shells. I got a different brand of almond flour (Bob’s Red Mill Flour) which made a MUCH smoother macaron skin. I was pleased. Unfortunately I rushed the process a bit this time and the flavor wasn’t quite as good … someone (points at self) might have forgotten to put the vanilla in the macaron batter … ooppsy.

Anyway, as I continue to try new things I am learning! I am planning on purchasing some powdered food coloring to make some pretty shells soon. Macaron adventures here I come!

While my posts aren’t terribly interesting right now … visit this site, super cute macaron ideas!

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