FRANCE ! — un bon week-end à Marseille

So I arrived last week, after a giant delay in JFK. I spent one day in Paris then took a train to Marseille to discuss with an acoustics lab there my future PhD research! I had planned on showing up, to live, in Marseille January 2013 after I finished up my master’s and got my life in order (and learned more French) but they mentioned me possibly showing up in November — AHH! It all feels so soon.

So to recap. I got a fellowship that will allow me to do 3 years of research and I chose to collaborate with a lab in marseille that specializes in musical acoustics. I will study clarinet acoustics, details to be determined. I will spend about 70% + of my time in Marseille and still be a student in the States as well. How awesome is that?!?! They seem really excited to have me.

more exciting news is that I got to go scuba diving in the Mediterranian sea, hiked les calanques and ate some awesome pizza. I also attended the Marseille version of the fête de la musique, held throughout France. quite the party, i will say. I am not going to say much more but I will add pictures. Hopefully I will be back on here soon … two more weeks in France with Bordeaux this coming weekend and an opera tonight!! woo!


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