Focus girl, focus…

So here’s the deal … after returning from an awesome “vacay” in France it is WAY hard to focus! I will now explain why:

You may think it is obvious, how can one get right back to work after any vacation. But there are so many reasons I can’t focus on work. Well, what is my work supposed to be right now? I am supposed to be writing my masters thesis. Anyone who has begun to write a large document such as this knows the hardest part is starting. I have already begun to compile my research, however, I can’t get into a great rhythm yet, thus I read blogs and realize that mine has been somewhat neglected for a few months and I would like to fix this. 

The real reason it is hard to focus is knowing that in 3.5 short months I will be … wait for it … LIVING IN FRANCE! Yes, I decided to head to Marseille during the first week of November for my PhD research. I will be living about 80% + of the next three years in Marseille (travelling back to Pennsylvania for administrative type duties). This new found deadline makes it hard for me to focus on anything else but the planning of uprooting my life and transplanting it in a foreign country … well not quite as foreign as it was 8 months ago but still.

So, now you know. November is on my mind! Lots of stuff to figure out before then. A masters thesis to write and defend. Visas to get. A PhD committee to form. Dissertation proposal to write and present. An acoustics conference to attend. Family to visit and fill in on my plans for the next three years (and console, they seem to like me and say they will miss me). FRENCH TO LEARN!

So as a final quick note to this update I will say that this blog will likely change into a journal of my travels, adventures (misadventures) and random musings of my new life in France and the planning that is taking place until I arrive. I hope that’s okay with everyone. I still plan on sharing my French findings in music and culture so I shall still consider this blog daily francofiles, I just expect it to take a more personal turn in the future.

Happy Thursday my francophile friends!

à bientôt!


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