Getting Comfortable

Judging from my recent trip to France compared with the other two (November 2011 and March 2012) I think I had grown too comfortable with the idea of being in Paris. I must be careful with this mindset. I know that in a way I want France to be somewhat of a second home… complacency comes with comfort in a place I suppose but I also don’t want to let the location lose all of it’s mystery and adventure. This is bound to happen to a certain extent but I don’t want to get too comfortable. I think I will need to make an effort to keep the adventure in my new home.

Let me explain a little more. While I was in Paris I didn’t feel the need to explore too much, I got used to where I was. Comfortable with the same old metro lines, going to restaurants with my boyfriend and curling up on the couch watching 30 Rock episodes with him. Now, this is super wonderful and I loved it but it got me thinking, if after three visits to a city it loses it’s touristy quality to me, what will France be to me after I live there for almost three years (for certain). I know that expats all over the blogworld say that this is inevitable but what can I do to avoid it for as long as possible? I don’t want to stick to my arrondissement in Marseille, never travelling to another market or finding new cafes to haunt.

I guess this blog post is just a reminder to my future self to try very hard to not get too comfortable! I have a tendency to become somewhat of a homebody, especially when I begin to really delve into my research or work.

So, future semi-permanent-resident of Marseille, France (AHH, that still seems so unreal!) — don’t get complacent in your adventure. Continue seeking the secrets of France. Go in search of stuff to put you just a little outside of your comfort zone. Meet people, speak French, however poorly. Learn, grow, enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Getting Comfortable

  1. I have lived in the Denver area for eight years now while going to grad school. Every single morning when I drive to work all those big mountains are right in front of me. People who have lived here a while say they sort of don’t see them any more, but I am still captivated every single day. We also have been intentional about seeing different parts of the state while we are here. So, if you are intentional about exploring, then I don’t think you will lose your sense of wonder for being there. 🙂 Et je suis envieuse!

  2. I become a bit of a homebody as well — I find the best way is to constantly make dates with friends both old and new for lunch/dinner/drinks/etc. It’s best if I let them recommend a place to meet as well, because I usually end up discovering a new favorite haunt that way!

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