Back to school

So the summer is over. Can you believe it?!? It is super sad and super exciting at the same time. If all goes according to plan… and generally it doesn’t but oh well … I have 67 days until I am supposed to fly to Marseille to begin my first 7 month stint abroad!! Ahh! Today I spent a lot of time only figuring stuff out for the visa that may or may not work out like I wanted.

Washington DC French Consulate – Visa for Scientists and Researchers 

Campus France – Student Visa

The best choice for me is the Scientists visa … gives me the opportunity to work in France at the lab I am looking at BUT you must have a master’s degree before applying for this visa. Unfortunately I will not have document in hand until sometime in January (fall commencement is December 22). BOO! So now I am trying to work something out in order to get a student visa … I guess taking French classes or something. I will keep everyone updated. Worst case scenario — and I hope it doesn’t come to this — would be to go in November for 89 days, return home and work on the scientists visa then return to Marseille again with that in hand. That would be super awful but I suppose if I had to that is better than not going at all.

View from prospective Marseille apartment!!

I am getting so excited I can hardly stand it. It is difficult to focus on writing my thesis with the prospect of living in France looming constantly!! WOO!

I had my first French 201 class today: conversation / listening and reading comprehension. I think I am really going to enjoy this class. Well the 8 weeks I get to attend anyway. It is such a different environment than in French 1 and 2 since everyone seems WAY less timid to speak in front of the class, yes, in French! My teacher is not a native speaker which is different for me and sometimes I find it hard to understand him but I think there will be some benefit to having someone teach me that went through this same learning process.

I think I have found the place I will live! I am happy about that! Relatively low price, furnished and with a view of the sea!! I will wait for my BF to speak with the owner soon and then make some concrete decisions and send some dollaz to secure the location. So happy! The bus and bike rentals in Marseille are close and I am SUPER close to public beaches. Hope I can accomplish work while I am there 🙂

Keep you updated on the progress of my visa status and all that jazz …

à bientôt!


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