Time flies when…

Okay, so I am major excited to go to France. I have not obtained my visa yet (in the works), nor bought my plane ticket (I got the funds, just not the permission from the French … see the before stated statement), nor do I have an official agreement on the books with the lab I am to work with … so to the untrained eye — I have nothing. meh.

luckily readers, your eyes are trained, you realize I have been working on this for quite some time and it MUST happen! I am probably going to have to get used to the fact that my visa will come, but at the last minute meaning that this penny pinching chick (well, when it comes to plane tickets) will have to fork out the big bucks for a relatively last minute flight from SDF to MRS. boo. The lab is waiting on an English translation of the work agreement for my “employers” to sign and I am waiting on Alliance Française to grade my placement test so I can get to work on a student visa through their institution…(remember, I wanted a scientists visa but will not have masters diploma in hand until December, which is required and I WANNA GO NOW!). I just need the student visa for 7 months, come on France, do me a solid — I promise I will be a good student and learn lots of French, and lots of musical acoustics stuff and contribute to you country by buying all of your foods and whatnot. I promise!

Anyway. Looking at my finances, the first few months abroad are gunna hurt the savings account. That’s what one should expect, right? But again, I hate seeing those pennies leave my account so freely, especially when I am earning in Dollars and will be spending (lots) in Euro. double meh.

get it, scuba … and French!

mostly just wanted to vent. Oh, happy labor day weekend to my USA buds. I went scuba diving today. I am 4/5ths finished with  my Advanced Certification … only one night time dive to go. YAY!

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