So yes, I am that scaredy cat … I keep thinking of this adventure abroad as just the next thing to check off my to-do list …

  • PhD Funding – Check
  • Advisor’s blessing -Check
  • passport – Check
  • visa –
  • Marseille –

However, again, I need to be careful. This is still WAY scary when I really think about what I am doing. I am picking up with my beginning/intermediate level of French and an idea of what my life will be like starting in November. I am sure that I am WAY off too. I mean, I try to keep things in perspective … I know I will be lonely, scared, homesick but I also want to be adventurous, friendly, happy. How can I keep my head on straight before, and after my move? The culture shock will probably hit me hard after the first few days. Luckily a friend is going to meet me in Marseille and help me get settled in but after he leaves … alllll alone! People keep saying that they are so jealous of me and my oportunity, I agree, I am jealous too — of that ideal work/vacation to the south of France. Unfortunately that is NEVER how a trip abroad is. Especially since I will need to continue working, learning French, researching and making a budget to live frugally (so I can save money to travel more!).

This blog is probably going to become my savior, what I look forward to doing, documenting the ups and downs of my journey! I am sure you’ll hear plenty of complaining and be privy to lots of nice pictures … if I ever remember to take them! haha. ((shew)) just needed to talk it out. Stop being scared dude, you’ll survive!

à bientôt!


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