Photographic thoughts

I am trying to decide if I should take my iphone with me to France as a music source and camera. I think I will.

My other dilemma, do I take an actual camera? I am not a professional, far from it, but is it worth it to buy a nicer camera than just taking iphone pictures all the time? hmm … what do you think?


I also want to buy a hiking backpack . for hiking, and stuffing a bunch of stuff in a backpack as a “carry-on” … any suggestions?

Trying to decide what to put on my care package want list for my parents and friends … here’s what I have so far:

  • microwaveable popcorn.

Yeah, that’s all I got. Send me your ideas…for those abroad, what do you miss?

Talk to you all soon! (sorry for the randomness of this post.)

5 thoughts on “Photographic thoughts

  1. Definitely take a “real” camera. My husband and I are in Europe right now, and while our DSLR is kind of bulky to carry, it beats the heck out of the iPhone pictures we try to take instead (though they can be handy for the occasional quick shot, especially if you want to upload it to social media immediately). Even a simple point-and-shoot wouldn’t be bad. 🙂 But you’ll treasure having nice pictures.

  2. Yes to the camera. You may look like a tourist with a huge DSLR but it’s worth having nice quality photos as compared to iPhone pictures. You can have your iPhone with you at all times & just bring your camera when you want to or think you’ll need it. More often than not though, you’ll need it.

  3. I agree about taking a proper camera. iPhone photos are quick and convenient, but the image quality is still limited compared to a digital camera. For high-quality images, you can’t go wrong with DSLR. That said, I don’t actually use one. I use a higher-end point-and-shoot that has a lot of image exposure options, but is still pretty small and easy to carry around. It also doesn’t scream “steal from me!” the same way DSLR gear does.

    More important than your gear, however, is developing your skill as a photographer. There are lots of great resources for improving photography skills (even for iPhone photographers) that will make your images memorable and interesting to yourself and others. I’ve seen a lot of people invest serious money in camera gear only to continue to take really boring, poorly composed pictures.

  4. 1. Love you blog!

    2. I bought a mid-range camera for my séjour abroad (the Olympus EPL2) and I LOVE IT. I’m far from a professional photographer, but I really like playing around with lighting, camera angles, zoom, fun settings, etc. and having higher quality photos than what you get with a point and shoot. In the end, though, the best camera is the one you have with you, so if the iPhone works for you, go with it!

    3. As for a backpack, this is what I settled on:

    I took it on a test run before taking it to France. Here’s the link to my blog post if you’re interested:

    It served me quite well in my trip over here last week and I love it more with each use.

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