I feel like a grown up – kind of

So yesterday was my first official PhD Committee meeting. I have 5 American Professors and 1 Professor from Marseille, France (plus 2 extra French dissertation readers from Marseille). It made everything happening soon, the whole move to another country, feel more real. We discussed my project and plans for going back and forth between France and here. Everyone seemed receptive of my plans … or so it seemed anyway. I would just like to say that none of this would be quite as possible without Skype. Thanks skype for being awesome! Two of the professors from Marseille got to be “in” the meeting with all of us and meet everyone in my committee here, which is pretty cool. They sounded super French to me after not being in France since July, haha.

Anyway, that is why I feel like such a grown up, having my PhD committee meeting! School seems like this thing I will not ever finish. I am okay with that, most of the time, but having this meeting is setting in motion the steps towards graduation…when I can add those three precious letters after my name, at that point they will have been 28 years in the making!

In other news, I did a very chilly (in PA) night-time scuba dive (very cool!) last night to finish up my PADI Advanced Open Water training! That puts me at the French equivalent  of Niveau 2! I am very excited for this! I do hope I will get to dive a bit while in Marseille, despite being very busy otherwise.

That’s all for now. 10 days until my visa appointment!

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