une petite victoire!

I know I have been giving lots of tiny posts lately, this one cannot be left un-written! Today I had my first oral exam in my French 201 class … I was nervous but I was excited too, I like speaking French, especially in a controlled, somewhat safe environment!

I DID GREAT! My teacher and I had a nice conversation for about 15 minutes about all sorts of stuff, even my visa appointment and my upcoming departure to Marseille. We talked about reading and my favorite story from the class so far and the movie we watched (Elle s’appelait Sarah … super sad, but a good film, available on instant Netflix).

My teacher finished the session by saying that I am at a great place to be heading to France now. He says I will be able to do just fine and within 7 months, especially with classes I will be doing very well! I am very proud of myself! It is such a large leap from 1 year ago when I started learning!

On a different note completely, I love Pandora. This is not a new love, but once again Pandora has introduced me to some catchy awesomeness in the form of Johnny Flynn. Check out this song that is on repeat on Grooveshark right now!

bonne journée à tous

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