So after many web searches and taking all of my readers advice from your awesome comments on my Photographic Thoughts post I wanted to share with all of you what I purchased in terms of Camera, backpack and a recent book purchase as well (random but worth sharing).



I decided I wanted a camera that was small enough for my pocket yet had a great zoom  and high quality pictures. After reading 1,000,000 reviews about cameras on Amazon and elsewhere I chose: Panasonic Lumix sZ7. It is 14.1 MPs and has a 10x optical zoom. It is super small and light and seems like I will be able to figure it out fairly quickly. I also bought the external charger that comes with two batteries and a car charger and a European plug! Works great and is totally worth it to have a couple extra batteries for the longer non-chargeable trips.



I had come upon some great choices. I especially liked the advice from rondlet about a duffle type loading bag instead of top loading, however I decided to get a top loader for a few reasons. I can fit a bunch of stuff in the one I chose, it has an internal frame, I already have duffles and backpacks and I wanted to purchase something a little different. I chose the AT 55 in flint from llbean.com for another reason as well…llbean has an amazing return and exchange policy in that 1. I can try this one out when it arrives and if I hate it I will return it and 2. no matter how long you have had an item, they offer lifetime warranties therefore, in 5 years, when my pack is dying, I will return it for a new one. I did that with my Deluxe Bookpack 3 times since middle school! It is awesome! So I sent my most recent Bookpack (with my name monogrammed on it…it was a fad in my hometown) back today and will get that $39 off of the price of the new hiking bag. I say that’s a win.



I like reading books that are recommended to me by friends and whatnot. I also like reading books about France (obviously, haha). I was reading someone’s blog recently and I can’t remember which one but someone mentioned that their favorite book set in France was The Virgin Blue, by Tracy Chevalier. So I bought it for cheap on Amazon and I will begin reading it soon. I will need to really begin using my kindle more since I am not hauling a bunch of books to France but I think I would like to have this book as my final read before my trip.

I have added a tab at the top of my blog called Reading List. I have seen many bloggers do this and I wanted to as well. Feel free to offer suggestions via comments on that page for books you loved and think I should read. I am sure I will make time in France to read … while on trains and hopefully when I find time to go to the beach 🙂


à bientôt mes amis!

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