So, perhaps you know what the woo is about. I got a call from the consulate at 2:08pm today, during my French  class. Needless to say I couldn’t concentrate on the remainder of my class (7 more minutes) until I knew what that voicemail said. I was sure they were calling to say, no thank you, we’d prefer you not come to France…however…it didn’t!

My voicemail said: “hello Ms. …, this is — at the French Consulate Visa Office. We wanted to let you know that your visa application has been reviewed and we are sending your passport back to you (((WITH THE VISA))) in the envelope you provided us later today. It should arrive in State College in the next few days. Enjoy your stay and good luck with your studies!”

I got my visa for my 7 months in France!!!


I am on cloud 9 for sure! Not to mention that earlier today I successfully defended my masters thesis work…I now (after some relatively minor edits) have a Masters of Science in Acoustics !!! What a wonderful day ! I feel so lucky, so blessed! Thanks readers for listening to me whine about everything! For now, I am blissful and excited about the next few months of my life. In a little over 22 days I will be in Marseille for the duration of 7 months!

((Sigh)) I can’t wait!

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