Packing up – part 1

Hello all! I have begun the great packup…part 1. To recap:

Friday I leave State College and drive home to Kentucky for the weekend.

Monday I travel to Kansas City, MO for an acoustics conference for 1 week.

Saturday I travel, for the day, to Indianapolis to visit a friend (she will be coming from Chicago).

Thursday, I will leave for Marseille!

It is all happening so fast! I hope I accomplish everything I need to! I have finished my thesis edits, I think! Hopefully my committee will be satisfied and I will get that pretty Masters degree come December…though I won’t see it until June…oh well. I have been thinking of things I am going to miss. Here are a few:

  • Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Prime 2-Day shipping (good thing they have

  • Crockpot (I will definitely buy one in France…apparently called une mijoteuse…can someone confirm?)
  • Baking – I need to make friends with people owning ovens
  • My bike – I know I will ride others but I have worked for a while to make my bike fun and ride-able and now I have to let it sit. 😦
  • My Deskspace here at PSU – It’s like a second…no wait, a first home 😉

of course there is much more but that’s what I thought of at this very moment.

Tonight one of my roomies is making a nice dinner for us all to enjoy together. I have had such a great time these past few weeks while making the roomie hang out time more of a priority. I will miss them a lot.

I have a new found unhealthy addiction to People are so talented and it is cool to see their work on this website. I have purchased some stationary for my trip, jewlery, scarves, etc. I should slow down. Luckily…most people ship internationally. This could be bad.

Anyway, more soon as I make the big step away from my Penn State home and on to the next adventure!

à bientôt


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