Bonjour Marseille (3 days in the south of France thus far)

Hello there my blogging friends…I know it has been a while since I did a real post. Life is crazy. I realize most people can say this but the whole up and move to another country thing is quite a time suck.

Thus far I have done a lot of errand running. My friend Alexandre, who lives in Grenoble, met me here in Marseille in the airport. Thank goodness for him!! He helped me get around Marseille comfortably. we went to the electronics store and bought a small hair dryer, a wireless router and speakers for my apartment’s TV. So yeah, my apartment, it is awesome! I love it! It is the perfect size for me with an awesome terrace a floor above me that has the most amazing view of the sea. Is it sad that one of the most exciting things to me is that I HAVE A WASHER! haha. This is very exciting for me!

So then, we traveled to IKEA. Yes, I have an IKEA relatively close. I got some awesome stuff including a small table, lamp, another towel…etc. I feel like my purchases are really helping me settle in. Since I have a smallish apartment it wasn’t too hard to unpack. Like I knew I would…I brought too much clothing. However, I didn’t bring enough warm stuff I think. It gets much colder during the evening.

We went to the grocery. Which is quite stressful. I have decided the hard part isn’t the language and French vocab, it is knowing what the brands are and what is good or not. Also, starting a fridge, a cabinet of food and spices is difficult. I don’t know what I want

After a busy weekend I have an even busier week ahead and, I will be alone for the next stages. I am nervous but I think I will survive.  Wish me luck!! I have class tomorrow! More soon!

à bientôt

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