French in France…

So, I had my first day of French class today at the Alliance Française in Marseille. But first let me tell you about the day leading up to the class…I wanted to get to the building early because I thought I would have to pay fees and get books and whatnot. So, I woke up REALLY early, showered quickly (mainly because my water is kinda cold right now, landlord came today to try and remedy that), grabbed a small bite to eat and walked quickly to the bus stop. I am really getting the hang of this bus thing. Haha. Even without my GPS telling me where to go, I haven’t had any major issues thus far. (But I won’t be surprised when this happens in the near future, stay tuned for that hilarious story!). Back to the point…then the bus ride took a short 15 or so minutes. This means that I arrived at the AF about an hour before I was supposed to be there, a whole 1.5 hours before class began. So I walked around for a long time. I was the lame one stalking around the AF until about 820a. Ha.

So, school. My teacher spoke very quickly. VERY quickly. Every person in the class had better conversational skills in French than I but after a little while my listening got better. I think this class will challenge me but it will help me improve quickly, which is what I want.  4 days a week of this will be exhausting I’m sure. All I wanted to do after class was take a nap and hang out in my bed, warm cozy and lazy. I intended to run this evening. oh well. soon.

Due to this laziness I did not take any pics today. And what a pretty day it was! Sorry!

What I learned today: wearing headphones and listening to music quietly, while still being aware of my surroundings and the French being spoken around me caused me to have a sense of security, empowerment. I wasn’t nearly as scared. I will continue this every day for the time being.

For those living abroad: an excellent web app a friend suggested that you should check out if you are missing any US websites (TV shows, etc.) that you can’t access in France (elsewhere). It is called Tunnelbear and I love it!!! It is allowing me to use a comcast account from here in France to watch some shows. It will also allow one to use Netflix instant streaming, etc. I pay $5 a month for unlimited use. I am so glad I found it!

more soon! Tomorrow I have French class and I will go to the lab to begin my research!!

à bientôt

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