What I learned today…

  • I comprehend more than I thought (en français). But the younger generation in France is the same as in the US…they mumble and I do not understand. I will remember this when I am back in the US. Ar-tic-u-late!
  • Maps can make a city seem small, small enough to walk or bike across…this is not always the case.
  • Seeing the sea on my walk to the bus stop daily will not get old. I am lucky to live where I do. My advisor here in Marseille lives within the city, says he only sees the sea perhaps 2 times a month, how sad!
  • I am a smiler. I smile a lot of the time. Unfortunately in France this is not a thing. Through reading blogs and books about American’s transitioning in France I expected this. I am getting really good at the “I don’t give a crap, nothing really matters, I am important and don’t have time for you” face. Next time you see me, I’ll show you.
  • Croissants are better in France. Bread, butter, public transportation…etc. is just better. I tried to tell myself this was a myth when I went back to the states this summer. Note to self: don’t lie. This is just how it is.
  • I miss milk from the States. My family drinks a lot of milk. Here, that’s not a thing. And the milk here tastes different. And weird. Sorry France…I prefer Milk from the States.
  • I need to learn to read the nutrition facts en français. Without a scale and reliable healthy “diet” for 7 months…one should be careful!
  • It is REALLY hard to get out of bed when your apartment, in the south of France, is so cold. wtf mate?!?
  • Just because you move to the south of France does not mean sunny and warm all of the time always (anyone get the 30Rock reference?). Pack a hoodie. Pack more than one pair of boots. (Guess a shopping trip to H&M / other low price fashiony store is in order?)
  • US TV is at times such a comfort. Buy tunnelbear and use that Hulu/Netflix/Comcast account!

Here are some more pictures from my walk back from the lab today:


2 thoughts on “What I learned today…

  1. LoL, about the milk, I think its weird too. Glad I’m not delusional afterall.
    I’m happy you’re adjusting properly, for me this has been a bit harder…
    Bienvenue en France (my French is still extremely poor, i cannot even make proper conversations, and sometimes i have to resort to sign language 😦 )

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