le week-end, tout seul…

So, I have survived my first week alone in Marseille. What can I say about it…

I am getting more comfortable with the fact that my French will not be perfect any time soon. This has led me to do some interesting things…yesterday I went out shopping. I needed a pair of shoes that weren’t Toms or tall black boots. hehe. So I went out in search of the H&M. After some circles I found it, very close to where the bus dropped me off. I have ceased to be angry when I walk the wrong way for a while or get off at the wrong stop…I just tell myself I need the exercise, which is true. I ended up going into Sephora too since I cannot find my powder brush, where oh where could that thing be?!? Anyway, I got a travel brush (nice to have anyway) and went to H&M, found a cute pair of everyday shoes and some tights. The shoes are kind of like pinkish leather chucks. They’re nice. Oh, did I mention that it rained all day?!? It was awful. A constant drizzle-pour while I was outside. boo! But I dealt with it since I was on a mission. Then I saw Quick…yes, the French fast food joint. I don’t know why but I was craving some fast food. Guess it is the American in me missing home, haha. Oh well, after a long 15 minute wait for the bus, my Quick to-go bag ripping because it was all wet from the rain I made it home and my bountiful purchase made me happy…and sleepy. So I took a nap. Thanks fast food.

This dude watched me write letters and tried to eat my bread. He was not afraid of me.

Today, I decided it was time to conquer the washer. I found a user manual online and did a load of colors. Winning! However, it took forever! I don’t know why! My wash loads in the US take max 30 mins, this took like an hour and a half. boo! But hey, my clothes are way clean. I then hung them out to dry on my awesome roof and sat out there writing some letters and ate my lunch in the sunshine. I needed that. Before this adventure I rode le vélo to the supermaché to buy some stuff, including a light bulb. But I bought some yummy macarons (not parisian but still) and a fresh baked baguette from the boulangerie, wow! It was awesome!



This week will likely be rough. Mostly because after going through one already I know what to expect, which might make it harder. I need to make some friends. I know that sounds lame but really, I just come home, watch US tv shows, cook and sleep. I like all of these things but I am also a social person and need a little more human contact than that. haha. Perhaps I will ask some people from my French classes. We’ll see 🙂

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “le week-end, tout seul…

  1. very funny with the wash load, here we set it to lavage rapide for 24 minutes, I learn ::) have fun, it will be a bit slower here to make friends but they will come.

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