It’s kind of a funny story…

So, to update on the past few weeks…

  • Last weekend I went to the movies, twice! I saw skyfall and the last twilight movie. please don’t judge me for the later…it was fun 🙂 There are only so many movies here in France shown in VO ( version original = in english with french subtitles ) so I don’t have a lot to choose from. plus, I wanted to see it, haha. Skyfall was great! And the other was too, plus I got to hang out with a nice chick from Norway from my French class. It was nice to eat at a restaurant with her and walk around the Marseille Christmas Market.
  • Today is Thanksgiving in the United States and I am once again in France…missing the festivities and super yummy foods. sad day. I was happy to find an association here in Marseille that was having a Thanksgiving dinner and here’s where the funny story happens. I was thinking that since today is Thanksgiving the dinner would happen today. I did not read the flyer very carefully I just knew I wanted turkey! So I got all dressed up and even put on makeup, yes, makeup and made the trek to the restaurant (in a yacht club on the sea, yes, super fancy!). I arrive after waiting forever for the bus (there is a soccer game tonight in Marseille = traffic jams!). I walk in and tell a waiter (cute I might add) that I am here for the Thanksgiving dinner (remember that this is all happening in French). He says, I’m sorry but there isn’t any party here tonight. I was all like wtf mate?!? and he said yes, let me check…oui madame, it is tomorrow. 😦 I suck! Haha, I went all that way and worked so hard and still no turkey! Well I will go tomorrow night then. Tonight (actual thanksgiving day, even though I posted this on Friday), for the real deal I had leftover moussaka  mashed potatoes and camembert. haha, not exactly the traditional meal. yummy nonetheless. My final thoughts on the situation…at least I can laugh at myself.

More soon…

à bientôt!!

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