It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Okay, no it isn’t. I am in Marseille and this morning it was about 65F. But I am listening to Christmas music now, which is fun! It is weird though because I usually commence the Christmas season with Thanksgiving food, then more of it for the next week and Black Friday shopping with my little sister. Unfortunately, being in Marseille I was unable to partake in these things and since it also is for me very warm I just don’t feel 100% in the holiday spirit. I am working on finding more good christmas tunes to help me along.
So my Thanksgiving dinner…it was very nice. A little pricey but I am glad I went. So I showed up finally on the right day, Friday, for some food! It was all old people…why I thought it would be any different I’m not sure but oh well. It was kind of nice in a way because they were all speaking french and it gave me the opportunity (well obligation) to practice my French…they were encouraging so that was nice. I also didn’t have to ride the night bus! Woo! An older lady gave me a ride home…very sweet of her! Crazy driver though!
Saturday I met up with a few German girls from the Alliance Française. There is a Christmas market at the Vieux Port downtown Marseille and they are all traveling home for the holidays so they wanted to get Christmas presents for their families. I on the other hand just wanted to hang out. I am planning on doing my online Christmas shopping on Amazon and shipping stuff like that. Easier and cheaper for me! It was a very nice day. I even got a Starbucks Chai latte!! I thought it was funny that it reminded me of home! Obviously Chai is not made in Kentucky! I really like that I have met some people! It is only sad to me that they are all au pairs and now it really isn’t the age difference that would bother me but that we can’t hang out during the weeknights because they are with their families, sometimes as much as 1 hour travel from Marseille. I am considering a game night this weekend…although my apartment is small I think it would be fun!
Before I forget…I had a few things to comment on about Marseille:
  1. Dog poop is everywhere on the streets. I am assuming this is because there isn’t  a whole lot of green space for these dogs to leave their poo. But really people, please stop it. I dodged like 8 of these on the way to the bus. Good thing I was paying attention!
  2. Parking here is crazy! I watched a movie recently: 2 Days in Paris. It was great! But there is this part where an old dude keys cars for parking poorly. Almost every car here has a long thin white stripe down the side…
  3. I feel like asking ça va? and answering ça va. just is not sufficient. But, there is no other way. No one actually cares…it is a formality. But it bugs me.
  4. The sunrise and sunset are forever deceiving me. I am now waking up before the sun is fully awake and it gets dark around 520p. Long before I am supposed to (in my head) be finished with work. I can’t handle it! It is hard enough to stay motivated without the sun turning it’s back on me.
  5. The sunset here will never get old though. Living by the sea was an EXCELLENT choice! All I was doing last night was hanging some laundry out to dry on my roof and I get to see such beautiful things. Whenever I get down I really just need to go out my front door. I am lucky for this!
I bought my tickets for Paris (Dec 7,8,9) and Grenoble/Annecy (Dec 14,15,16)!! I am very excited for these trips. Especially because I will get to travel via TGV. Trains are fun! It is nice also because I get to see friends. My friend’s new kitten and his niece whom I adore and I will eat my weight in PARISIAN macarons. Because there is no comparison! Again this weekend I am hoping to have some people to my apartment to hang out, play games, eat food and watch movies I wish my place was just a bit bigger for this purpose. It would be crazy fun to have a sleep over. Yes I am 25. Who cares 😉
A few pictures from my adventure to the post office to pick up some packages (one from my awesome friend SARAH !!):
I guess that is all for now! à bientôt!

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