The night bus…

So, today was interesting in a few ways. I just had some things on my mind and so I thought I would write them down (mostly for myself):

  • In my French class we got out DELF practice tests back. Apparently I would have technically passed. I got a 63. That depresses the serious student in me but I told you folks I was not ready to take a B1 DELF. Whatevs. Again, that was passing but of course I know I have SO far to go before I feel comfortable with this language.
  • I didn’t go to work today. I flaked because I wasn’t feeling well. I was tired and achy and it was rainy and depressing outside. So I just emailed my professor and went home and took a nap. It was a good idea in hindsight but I still felt (feel) guilty about it.
  • My power went out today. Thank you iPhone flashlight app. Boo to internet abandoning me in the middle of an Arrested Development episode.
  • I went to a café at that point to read on my kindle and drink a cappuccino  It was rainy and cold but it was better than sitting in my dark apartment.
  • I went to another chamber concert and paid my 100 euros for the subscription to the season. This hurts my penny pinching soul (I tried soal and sole before I got that one right…wow), but I will say that the concert tonight was fab! Pianist and violin. Wonderful! It reminded me of something which I also relayed on fb, I get SO nervous during chamber concerts because I watch the pianist’s page turner every time he stands up. I get so worried that HE will mess up. I saw this happen once my Freshman year in undergrad as a  music major and it was awful. 4 pages were turned instead of 1 and the pianist feverishly searched for the correct page while playing chords 1 handed. After that I hid from this job. I said no to every pianist that asked me. I did not want that responsibility.
  • I got hit on during my ride on the night bus. This is funny to me because he didn’t start flirting until after I had spoken in not so awesome French to him when he asked if this bus was going to —-, I really don’t know what he said. He mumbled. blerg. Then he asked why I was in Marseille…I told him (student, PhD, 7 months in complete sentences I promise). He asked all of the relatively creepy questions too: you look very young, how old are you (he was 23), you live alone, your parents aren’t here, where in the USA do you live. And, just before I got off the bus he said, want my number and I was like…gotta go, sorry. Fortunately he was cute so I wasn’t as creeped out. That’s a terrible thing to say but it’s better than a 60 yr old creeper flirting with me (yes, that’s happened). It was a funny encounter, kinda embarrassing too since I realize my French was probs horrendous but hey, just another opportunity to practice.

That’s all for this completely random not purposeful post. Talk to you soon (perhaps then I will have something interesting to write about, hehe)

à bientôt!

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