Some observations

And now…some randomness

I am a slow eater. This is a problem when eating with others that are perhaps fast eaters. In the USA I can just ask for a to-go box and finish later if we are in a hurry. Here, there is no such thing. It saddens me every time I watch the waiter take away my half full plate of whatevers. I like restaurant left-overs. Meh.

On the other hand I appreciate France for the belief in Wine during lunch. Thank you.

Because every car here is manual, And perhaps diesel? They all sound like busses. This is a problem when you are waiting for a bus and you assume there is one comings so perhaps you run to the stop…it is not a bus but something slightly bigger than a smartcar that has deceived you. Again.

Thanks to France I know now that if someone asked me if there were one food I couldn’t live without…or had to live on forever…I would choose macarons. I mean come on, you can have them as dessert or dinner since there are savory and sweet flavors. You can find them big and small. America needs to hurry up and get on this. Perhaps that’s my job (Alex S. are you reading this?), to open a macaron franchise in the USA. Yep. If nothing else when I retire that is what I want to do.

Did you know that you cannot rent a vélo (bike) from the public system here between 24h and 6h. This is dumb. This is when I need one. I have been told that the reason is because the taxi drivers lobbied against it. They want the business during that time. This is what I hear anyway. I hate that crap. Due to this I have paid for more taxis since I have been in France than the rest of my life combined. I don’t like paying someone to drive me a few miles.  Although safer I just don’t like it. Then they get all creepy and subsequently know where I live. Nope, not a fan.


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