Happy Holidays all!

So, I have survived! Well almost, there’s still New Years eve/day without my fam but I got through Christmas day. I know this sounds a little dramatic but I realized that this was the first Christmas I did not spend with my family which is pretty crazy to me. 25 Christmas days with my family, wow! But I am very thankful that my gifts for them arrived in time. Sadly, Amazon left out a packing list and my family actually argued over which gift was for whom…um, who else but my 17 year old sister would want bandaids that looked like bacon?


As for me, I am in Grenoble at the moment hanging out with a pretty cool kitten while her owner visits some family. (beware GIANT photos!)

IMG_1772 IMG_1777 IMG_1779

Mostly she slept or chased around imaginary things while I cooked. I made a feast for myself and since I am always testing and trying the foods before they are finished…I was too full to actually have a serious meal but there are plenty of leftovers for today! I bought a chicken from the boucherie, I had to ask them to take off the head, feet and innards cause that stuff grossed me out but how cool is that?!? That chicken was way fresh! I made mashed potatoes and even took the time to peel them. I made deviled eggs, they didn’t taste like my dad’s cause the mustard is different here and I didn’t have sweet pickles but oh well 🙂 still yummy. They did however make my friend’s fridge smell awful (sorry!). Then I made a mushroom gravy. I also made cookies, sugar cookies. I wanted to make chocolate chip but I totes forgot that I would need brown sugar. Baking is harder in a foreign country since I don’t know the equivalent ingredients! Plus they don’t sell giant bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips here 😉

I watched Elf, and Love Actually and skyped/facetimed with my family. It was super sweet that since my mom was at work she had a friend continuously try to use her skype to call me (she’s a nurse in the emergency room). So for like two hours her friend tried to get me. Finally, it worked! And we got to talk for a while. It was great. I really miss my family a lot and wish we weren’t all so busy that we could sit down and have a nice, non-rushed conversation. Sadly though, this is life and most things are rushed.


In other news as of December 22 I am officially a MASTER OF ACOUSTICS! That sounds silly. I have earned my Masters of Science in Acoustics. I obviously was not in the states to attend commencement but the fact that I accomplished that makes me very happy. I think I, well my parents, will receive by mail the actual document. Which will then sit in an envelope by my Bachelors Degree diploma seeing as how I am not stationary with a cool big kid office to hang these documents. Some day. Some day.


Still trying to decide what to do for the new years eve partying. Probs just stay in Marseille and go to some bars, not nearly as fun along but I did meet a few girls who said they’d be at a pub for NYE so perhaps I will hang with them. I am getting homesick, and bored sometimes. Mostly because work is slow and to be honest I don’t have any super close friends here yet. It’s difficult for me to go out a lot with my colleagues because of the difficulty in finding my way home. I have once again walked quite a distance a few nights ago since the bus/tram/metro/and velo were all finished and it is hard to justify cabs so often. Meh.

Once again a creeper followed me on my way to the bar. He talked to me for like 20 minutes since I was walking. I was early and I didn’t mind to walk but now I see why I shouldn’t. It was weird but at the same time there’s a weird sense of accomplishment since we had a full conversation and he understood me and I understood him. He wasn’t mean, I just wasn’t interested and I have problems being mean/blunt and telling them to go away or whatever. So, I had this conversation and I am lucky that I knew where I was going and found the bar where I would meet my friends, even though they didn’t show up for another hour. Shew, at least I had an excuse to escape.

In more exciting news I went on a nice long-ish run a few days ago. It was great…probably not the best case scenario since I have been sick for a few days (yeah, around Christmas, and I never get sick!) but it was a beautiful day and I really needed the exercise! I can’t wait for the weather to become more like that (62F) every day and for the sun to stay out past 4:30pm. It is hard to stay motivated after work to do anything when the sun has already set! Some nice pics from my run (I will never tire of this view!):

IMG_1753 IMG_1754 IMG_1755 IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1758 IMG_1759 IMG_1760 IMG_1761 IMG_1762 IMG_1763 IMG_1764

I leave you with that. I am sure it is more than enough 🙂 Talk to you all very soon!

et à bientôt!


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