If all days were vacation + my 100th post!

I am throuroughly enjoying my vacation. At first I was bored. I think this is because I was sleeping until 1pm and then not leaving the house. It didn’t help that I was feeling sick. But now I have begun accomplishing things. This post is going to be kindof everywhere, bear with me.

Some leftover awesome pictures from my trip to Grenoble:

So curious. Or perhaps just jealous that something else was getting attention (my camera)

So curious. Or perhaps just jealous that something else was getting attention (my camera)


What a hilarious kitty. She’s awesome!

Mount Blanc in Annecy. Photo courtesy of Alexandre :-)

Mount Blanc in Annecy. Photo courtesy of Alexandre 🙂

I had great intentions of going running today. The weather is awesome right now but I slept instead. Figures. But I did have an appointment today at La Bastide des bains in Marseille. This place is fantastic! I bought myself a Christmas present of the Hammam, gommage (=exfoliating scrub) and a clay body wrap (both of the previous things were preformed by another person, talk about relaxing! And now my whole body is super soft!!). It really was great! I have a feeling I will be returning at some point in the not so distant future! I also got my legs waxed for the first time. This was an interesting experience. Not unbearable, kinda like getting slapped when you have a sunburn. okay, maybe not that bad, haha. I’d probably do it again, may as well.

I bought a CD today at FNAC. I generally think that buying CDs in a store is WAY too expensive but this is how I will find new French artists. Easier that crossing my fingers for itunes to carry the good stuffs. I bought the first CD by the band CIRCUS. I appreciate that FNAC lets me listen to the CDs before I buy them. I like the CD so far. Seems like my kind of music. I was mostly overwhelmed by my options. I know where my next few purchases will be… 🙂photo_1341475442

I am not sure what I will do with my remaining days of vacation. Perhaps I will wander towards the IKEA here in Marseille. There’s always a good time to be had there, haha. Plus I would like some new pillows. I am getting poked in the face by feathers in these here. I also plan to go to Chateau D’if if the weather cooperates  I am still reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Finally it is getting super good so I am all in to read the whole book. 🙂 I feel like that will be a true feat! I love reading and being interested and engaged in a long book is really the best!

Random Raves:


images (2)

if you are traveling for a short or long period of time use this website! It is awesome and you’ll find places to rent that are way cheaper and better than hotels! I promise. Try it!


images (3)

I have to give a big high-five to Tunnelbear once again. I can watch American netflix with this webapp and I am so grateful for that! Sad life I live, I know. But still. I plug for them once more! hip-hip-hurray tunnelbear!!

That’s all for now. à bientôt

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