Je suis malade

Getting sick in France… I figured it would happen eventually. It really is just another test of my language and coping abilities in another country. Just before Christmas I had a lot of sinus issues that lasted until about the 28th. I was feeling much better! I went out for NYE, met some new people, all was well. I mean, better, not perfect, I was still using a box of tissues a day but I felt alright. Then, January 3, I went into work, and again on January 4. I started feeling bad again, my throat wasn’t feeling great. I knew what these symptoms were pointing towards…strep throat. Antibiotics would have been my only hope but I needed a doctors appt to get those…boo! I waited until today to finally suck it up and go to a doctor. My amazing French friend Alexandre called a few doctors close to my apartment so I could walk and made me an appointment. I spent a while writing down all of my symptoms and a brief medical history — in French. Not easy! So here’s how it went down:

I arrived at the doctor about 10 mins early, I came in, waited for about 15 mins hoping I was in the right place. There wasn’t a receptionist, fish tank, nor blaring TVs in the waiting room. The guy who came out to get me (just about on time) was the doctor himself. we went into his office where all of his equipment was and he asked me a bunch of questions which I tried my best to answer in French, I am 99% sure we understood each other 🙂

He checked all the usual stuff: lungs, heart, temperature, blood pressure. Then he looked at my throat. It only took a second cause I knew it wasn’t pretty. He did a rapid culture on my throat and in 6 minutes we knew it was strep. He wrote me a prescription for antibiotics (a weeks worth) and some spray for my throat. The visit cost me, without any insurance, 23 euros. The meds cost 15 euros… equivalent care in the USA would run someone around $200+. hmmm

Anyway, needless to say I am glad I went! It gives me some justification for feeling poopy. The antibiotics give me hope that soon I will feel better. And, as always, a successful conversation in French with anyone, one-on-one like this, is a tiny victory!



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