no place like home, volume 1

The weirdest things make me miss home. Here are some:

  • Not having a clothes dryer. It is nice to have a washing machine, really, I am lucky. but the fact that my clothes are crispy and don’t smell like lavender when I am done hanging them to dry for days makes me sad.
  • Lack of cheddar cheese. 98% of cheese here is white. French may not understand the orangy yellowness of cheddar cheese (and yes, sometimes american) but I grew up with it and when I wanna make quesadillas, emmental is just not quite right.
  • Gummy bears.
  • Popcorn.
  • My car. But only for two reasons. 1. apparently my little sister is driving it while I am gone. This makes me nervous and sad. I know what I was like as a teenager and I didn’t exactly keep my car pristine. 2. I never want to leave my apartment after a certain hour since it is likely I will either walk or run home…this isn’t exactly super safe.
  • Talking. I am SO talkative in the USA. I mean I like to be in the middle of things, in the interesting conversations, planning soirées, etc. Here, because I cannot sufficiently express myself in French I am often quite. This is so weird for me. Those that know me will be shocked.
  • Sales. Okay okay, I shouldn’t complain since right now is the the winter edition of sales in France but in the US you didn’t have to wait until January or June for sales, they are all the time whenevs…Here’s the deal, in France for like 2-3 weeks or something in June and January all the people go crazy because every store has a sale. This means that EVERYONE is going shopping at the same time. It is intimidating and scary but they are good sales. I went to a Monoprix today and looked for like 45 mins but was overwhelmed by options and didn’t feel like trying anything on since I just wanted to go home and drink my soon to be purchased Bordeaux…
  • Bank account. I don’t like carrying around cash but for a foreigner without a checking account it is necessary. Boo EU and your expensive monopoly money.
  • US Dollars. I dunno, I just got used to them due to the 25 years I used them.
  • Coffee Shops and giant beverages. I don’t necessarily agree with the portion sizes in the US. No one needs to super size, that’s just crazy. But, I do enjoy a large beverage often, to sip and enjoy for hours. It’s awesome and a luxury which is elusive here in France. Unfortunately I must meander, head hung low to the one and only Starbucks in Marseille and walk around town with my Grande Chai Latte. I feel out of place but it is oh so worth it!

and that’s all, for Volume 1


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