Travel travel travel!!

One of the things that excites me most about being in europe is the fact that everything…every place is SO close together. There are flights for basically zero dollars that will take me to a multitude of other countries and as I have mentioned before I adore the train! I am pleased to announce I have begun making spring travel plans!! I will say that spring begins in February because this is when my plans begin ūüôā
  • ¬† 8 – 10 = Paris!! Yes, again! When it only takes 3 hours and about 80 euros round trip to go I really don’t have much of an excuse. Once again, I booked a room on¬†¬†for $41 a night! This is split by two since I am traveling with my friend Ruby, whom I met in ¬†my French classes at the Alliance Fran√ßais in Marseille. She is going to see a concert…I just wanted to go to Paris! I need to start stocking up free calories so I can eat many macarons and yumminess while there. We will hopefully go to one fancy dinner, thanks to LaFourchette, which allows me to get up to 50% off my entire bill!¬†
  • ¬† 15 – 17 = Alexandre visits from Grenoble. My friend Alexandre (who is my French savior in many of these posts) is coming to Marseille to join me at the Opera to see Elektra, by Strauss. And to enjoy Marseille with less construction than it had three months ago!
Still from Strauss' Elektra

Still from Strauss’ Elektra

  • 28th = One of my PSU roomies HAYLEY will join me in France for 13 magnificent¬†ridiculously¬†fun filled days!!¬†Itinerary¬†to follows:¬†4 days ¬†3 nights in Italy or Spain : we have yet to decide,¬†2 days 1 night in Paris and we are seeing THE LUMINEERS in concert!!!!! I am so amazingly excited for this!¬†3 days 2 nights in South Wimbledon/London we get to stay with Hayley’s grandma! Hayley knows London since her dad is from this part of the world and so it’ll be way cool to get an insiders view of the city…much different than my 15 hour whirlwind tour a year ago.¬†In the middle of all this traveling we’ll spend some time in Marseille to enjoy the city of culture 2013.
The Lumineers

The Lumineers

PS. did you know that the NY Times Number 2 place to go in 2013 is MARSEIILE?? Check this out!!
  • Hayley leaves on the 13th and then I MUST buckle down and work hard until my next big trip since I missed a sizable portion of the last few weeks!¬†I may go to Grenoble to babysit little blini¬†beanie¬†(the cute kitty I spent Christmas with) while she is alone.
  • 20th – 30th: Belgium and Scotland!¬†I am going to see the coeur de pirate concert in Brussels at the beginning of this week and afterwards take a flight to Edinburgh, Scotland. I hear it is beautiful…so why not?!?
I may do one more weekend away from Marseille during this month, since I leave at the end I don’t want to spend too much time away. PLUS, I bet it will start being pretty awesome outdoors during this time and with the beach at my door step why should I go anywhere else?!? Nice perhaps? ūüôā
After writing this I need to reiterate…When I get homesick, or when I get sad (which has happened a bit recently), I always stop and remember how lucky I am. Even if it takes me a while to remember, or I sulk or complain about missing people and places and things across the ocean. I really still can’t believe I am here, that I have this¬†opportunity¬† that I am traveling, learning French, meeting new people, working towards my PhD, etc etc…It’s amazing! I am so lucky.
Can’t wait to start my travels and continue this awesome adventure!!

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