Good things…

So, some good things recently:


  • I have started running again with the wonderful motivation and guilt tripping from a friend I met at the Alliance Française who is training for the Marseille Half-Marathon. This will be her first half marathon and I know she’s excited. She asked if I would like to run on Wednesday mornings in Marseille with her. Now, even though it isn’t freeeeeezing here like it is back in the States where I am from, I still don’t do so well in the cold. PLUS, it was raining this past wednesday. Nevertheless, where theres a will…I got up and met my friend and ran about 6 miles. In the cold rain. Super heroes!! Today was her long run, 10 miles, and I decided I could do some of it with her…I would meet her at about her 2 mile mark and try to do the rest with her. We ran for quite a while. I think I probably finished 6 miles, perhaps a little more but then she wasn’t feeling awesome so we walked the last 2 miles. I am going to attempt to do the whole thing with her next Saturday. Which leads me to a revelation…it has been nearly 2 years since I ran my half-marathon. I know I haven’t been training BUT I think I might do it… 🙂 If I can keep running 2-3 times a week I know I will be able to finish it! I am not looking for a specific time (well under 2h45 since that is how long the course is open, haha) so I shouldn’t worry. I know I can do it. It’s my lazy brain and cold-hating body. Any words of continued motivation from readers are appreciated!!  I will need to decide soon, the date for the race is March 24th. 


  • I got all of mine and my friend’s train tickets in the mail today. How exciting is that!! The final itinerary was: Weekend 1 = Italy (Venice and Milan), Weekend 2 = Paris-Strasbourg-Lyon-Aix-en-Provence and back to Marseille. It’s a whirlwind trip but I know it’ll be great! travelling and seeing France with Hayley will be great! We are working on looking into AIRBNB places to stay and we’re having great luck. Again, what a great invention. There are such beautiful places everywhere and we are lucky people want to share their space with us!


  • I have realized recently something interesting about my comprehension of French…I am no longer always translating into english in my head before I understand. Since everyone here is talking so fast I have gotten to the point where I am capable of keeping up and comprehending what is happening as it happens…all in French. not in my translation of their French. I find this to be pretty darn cool. I feel like this is a big step towards really knowing a language!

woo life.

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