Weekends are my favorite


It is nearly impossible to go back to work happily after a nice weekend. I was lucky enough to have a good friend visit this weekend. Marseille graciously afforded us lovely weather and plenty of wonderful things to do!

On Friday, when Alexandre arrived from Grenoble we went to dinner at a great little place near Castellane in Marseille called L’Argentin Grill. It was superb! We had a wonderful set of appetizers (bean salad, roasted peppers, anchovie spread, fresh veggies, terrine) an amazing Chilean cabernet sauvignon and some specific cuts of beef that were to die for! I tend to eat a lot of fish since I have been in Marseille so it was nice to have a good “steak”-like meal 🙂 We finished up in the true French fashion with an espresso. It really was great. The food and catching up with a friend. It is nice meeting new people but I miss how easy it is with old friends. They know so much about you already, it is effortless and fun!! Then it was off to bed!

Saturday began with another short-ish run for my American friend and I. Only 5 quick miles that day. Thanks to the marvelous weather, running by the sea was extremely enjoyable! Afterwards we met up with Alexandre for coffee (chai!) and muffins at Columbus Cafe. Sooooo yummy and sooooo incredibly bad for us but hey, we already ran. whatever. Later that afternoon Alexandre and I went to the Vieux Port for lunch and to visit the M-Pavillon, the homebase for the MP2013 capital of culture. I hadn’t experienced it yet so I was excited for this! It was so interesting, it’s like a museum under Marseille! I had no idea how far this building went! If you’re in Marseille, give it an hour and go! They show some quick films about the city and it’s history. I really liked it!

IMG_1915 IMG_1872

Then we went up to Notre Dame de la Garde. Great views of the city and of course a beautiful place in itself! Again, the weather was fantastic, we were so lucky for that! Afterwards we found a cafe for caffine and macarons! It was great! And much needed since this fun filled day left us exhausted and we still had more to do!

IMG_1899 IMG_1900 IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1904 IMG_1909 IMG_1910 IMG_1912 IMG_1914 IMG_1916 IMG_1917

At 8p we had the Opera! They were doing Strauss’ Elektra. This was SUCH an intense opera! I really enjoyed it. The orchestra was great and the suspense created by the music was phenomenal. We had wonderful seats! Then it was time to eat….again! We went to my preferred Marseille restaurant, haha, since I have been there 4 times now, Le 13. Again, the food is wonderful and I LOVE getting the 30% discount! I had a wonderful dish of goat cheese and fig ravioli! But we started with the soup de poisson, when in Rome…

IMG_1918 IMG_1922

The weekend ended with a sunday of Crêpes (SO AWESOME!) and laying around watching TV, also with an ontime stress free return for Alexandre to Greoble…why can’t I be so lucky with travel?? I also finished my weekend with a little shopping on Etsy for THESE and more TV. Apparently that’s what I do on my weekends, catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and Parks and Rec. No shame here. Having a hard time getting back to work today. Seriously, weekends make Mondays so impossible. Well, wish me luck! Also, hard to focus when I only have 9 days until my friend Hayley arrives for 13 days of awesomeness !!! (more of a reason to get some serious work done now!!)


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