Another Monday post…

Once again, a little harder to take Monday’s when weekends are relaxing and awesome. This weekend went like this…


I had French class, which I still love. Mad props to the Alliance Française in Marseille. I highly recommend it. Then I worked…attempted to work. Fridays are also impossible. haha. That evening I went to a friend’s house to eat RACLETTE. If you have never experience this, you should. It is basically potatoes and different types of cold cuts (charcuterie, en français) whereupon you place melted cheese. It will rock your winter world! I would generally feel guilty about the amount of potatoes and cheese I ate but, I had big work out plans for Saturday so no harm done, seriously. I also brought desert…my attempt at red velvet cupcakes with french ingredients. First blunder is that red food coloring is not sufficient to make these chocolate cupcakes red. You need the good concentrated stuff. which I don’t have here. So these were chocolate cupcakes. Then I went to make the icing. which became a glaze because I couldn’t find the sufficient quantity of legit powdered sugar. meh. They still tasted good but I felt like they did not live up to my normal baking standards. Couple that with the fact that I had to hand mix everything AND I have an oven that in the US is called “toaster oven” and yeah, not my best work. I did what I could, haha. I had a great time with my friends. They were 3 French folks, super nice and helped me all night fumble through my French. They also have a lovely little cat that I want to steal. Don’t tell them. Thanks. After that, I went home to pass out. It was marvelous. I slept like a ROCK!

IMG_1929 IMG_1928 IMG_1932 IMG_1935


The morning started out by dragging my body ever so unwillingly out of bed and piling on the following: 1 pair of running compression capris, 1 pair of warmer long running pants, long socks, short socks, tennis shoes, sports bra, camisole, turtleneck, running jacket in order to meet my friend for out 11 mile run! It was cooooooold outside and the wind didn’t help one bit. Highlights of this run: I ran the first 5 like it was nothing. I mean yeah, I wanted water and a little break was welcomed but I was good to go. Meaning that running for me is a mind game to the max. my body is capable for 13.1+ it’s my mind that needs to get in shape for this thing! I didn’t get super tired until around mile 9.5. we had just done a straight-away and I was bored so of course I started focusing on being tired, bad idea. meh. Then I lost my friend, she was up ahead and made a turn. I couldn’t remember which way to go around the park so I just kept running until I found her, haha, she did the same. This means that we both ran closer to 12 miles than 11. That’s an accidental win I will take! That is a good feeling, knowing that I can do this thing! When I ran my first 1/2 marathon a few years ago I had to take a walk break around mile 7 and a long break around mile 10.5. I felt fine Saturday at those points, which is way encouraging! It is also a nice feeling that I still have 4 weeks left and I know I am capable of the 13.1. Bring it on Marseille! I just hope for fair weather and good feeling and health that day. 🙂 During the run I saw peacocks. That was pretty cool. haha, no one else stopped to stare, I took a picture on the run!


After our run we were sore! But we had a full day ahead, I went to IKEA for a few things, including a giant candle. Then that night we met up again and went to the Marseille Opera to see a symohony concert of Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich. It was wonderful! I miss Orchestra concerts! I am glad I went. Then we ate Moules+Frites and went home to passssss out! Great Saturday! (minus the wind and cold!!) IT SNOWED in MARSEILLE on Saturday. I am not a fan of that.


We slept in then went to the store and boulangerie for breakfast materials. We layed around all morning eating breakfasty type things. Again, wonderful. The rest of the day included (for me): reading, sleeping, skyping with my fam, sleeping some more, tv shows. So awesome. My body is way sore from the run but it’s a nice sore. A triumphant sore. 🙂


This Thursday HAYLEY arrives! I am so excited. Friday we leave for Italy. I will update you soon on our adventures!

[[By now, after all of my Monday posts you can probably guess a few things: firstly, I don’t do very interesting things during the week, haha. and 2) Mondays at work are slow and I have trouble focusing, thus, blog post!]]

Thanks for reading…until next time!

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