SB2013 – Milan, Italy

After our whirlwind trip in Venice we were off to Milan. Our decision about which Italian cities to visit was left to convenience…there was a 2+ hour train between the two cities and direct flights into Venice and Milan from Marseille. Also, we didn’t think Rome was a great idea since we had so little time. So, after flying into Venice, we hopped a train to Milan. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday which as I have learned, in Europe, means just about everything is closed.  That, coupled with our exhaustion, led to a lazy day at our airbnb apartment. We were staying quite close to the main destinations in Milan, including Duomo and the shopping districts, which meant I didn’t get to experience public transport in this city (which is weirdly fun for me, to see the differences between city public transportation…) but it did save us some money and stress. We decided that we should first search out food, again hard on a Sunday. But we succeeded since there was a small market close to our apartment. We had eaten so heavily in Venice (pasta pasta pasta) that we went for a lighter fare of fruits, veggies, cheese and a bit of charcuterie. We then spent the rest of the day relaxing….we definitely needed it! I took a nap and then we watched movies together. It really was a great day! I think something I have learned now from travelling is that you have to take the time to relax and rest. It doesn’t do you any good if you go go go and then feel exhausted and too tired to go to a museum or something. It is better to be rested and happy and perhaps “lose” a day than to be miserable all day due to lack of sleep!

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That day of rest and relaxation led to us being able to get up quite early and get out on foot to go around the town. We walked down the Corso Buenos Aires with all of the shopping and people watching you could want. This also led us down by the Piazza del Duomo, that holds the very large (kinda scary) Cathedral. Yes, lovely and terrifying all at the same time. I suppose that was what church architecture was supposed to do at that time.

We basically shopped and walked around the city. It was nice, but Milan was not my favorite. Other than the plethora of beautiful people to look at and the delish Gelato I didn’t really see much to the city. It was more industrial looking, less of a touristy destination, which I had been told by some beforehand. The best part was our airbnb and the weather! It was gorgeous and we were able to leave our coats at home! Thank goodness!

To add some craziness to the recounting of this trip I will tell you our return flight story… we needed to get back to our airbnb by 3:30p to get to the train station for our train to the airport by 4p. We did this well and actually arrived early. I had bought our train tickets on my iPhone the night before (yeah, we were better prepared this time!!). Got on our train and settled in since we felt pretty home-free after we were on our way to the airport that way, what could go wrong??? The ride to the airport was to take a little over an hour..yeah, poopy. Well, about 2 stops from the airport the train haults. There are some announcements in Italian and since we knew we weren’t to get off before the terminus we just stayed in our seats, reading our kindles. Then I look around and realize we are the only ones left…a dude came by and said we had to go upstairs to take a bus…WHAT? Apparently the train couldn’t go any further and we all had to wait for a bus to take us to the airport…so we waited, and waited. A bus didn’t come. After about 30 minutes they told us to go back downstairs and get on the train. WHAT? So…Hayley and I still felt like everything was going to work out. We got to the airport, checked in super quick and got in line at security…we were there for 40 minutes. Our thinking 2 hours was plenty was not a good assumption. We got through security and RAN to our gate. We got there just as they were going to close the doors, walked down the jetbridge to realize we still had to get on a BUS! Geeeeeze. We worked so hard to be on time, did everything right and we were still late. But hey, once we were on the bus, we knew they had to let us on the plane 🙂 we made it. barely. we both were exhausted again and basically slept the whole plane ride. Hayley got mad at me for ordering her apple juice. Now I know she doesn’t like apple juice, haha. No, just kidding, she was in a sleepy stupor when she gave me the look of death. haha apparently waking up to a flight attendant’s arm in your face is not super nice. 😉

After we got off the plane we tried to rush to get a bus…we had a reservation at Le 29 place aux huiles in Marseille for Hayley’s BIRTHDAY dinner! We were about 45 mins late but they were nice and didn’t seem to care. The dinner was AMAZING and I can’t wait to go back there. I had an amazing meal of scallops. I LOVESSSS scallops! Hayley had Haddock wrapped rabbit. It was really beautifully presented and everything tasted so great! We even celebrated by drinking ourselves some Kir Royal…so fancy! Then…it was time to sleep!!!!!

IMG_0132 IMG_0134IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0140




My next trip to Italy I would like to spend a week in Rome and at some point Naples and Florence…Tuscany….okay, there’s still a lot to see but this was a great first step into Italy. Low stress and lots of fun!

Next up: Marseille + Paris, France




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