Marseille Marathon (and semi-marathon) 2013

I come to you, my friends, alive, two days post running the Marseille Semi-Marathon (13.1 miles). There’s the good news, I am alive. Bad news, it rained during the entire race. Not a drizzle, full out rain. There were puddle obstacles all over, streams falling from overpasses, slippery sidewalks. Overall, the race was a bit miserable. I think I actually started out a bit fast because I was already tired at mile 6, tired enough that I really wanted to stop. haha. Obviously I didn’t. Kilometer 14 was right in front of my apartment on the corniche…and I had this overwhelming urge to just go get in bed. We ran by the sea for quite a while and I only looked out once, it was a dreary day. My running partner was much more ready for this race! She did great and ran on ahead after about mile 4. Since I was having trouble so early, I knew that I would end up walking a bit. Not like frolic in the park walking, but a very quick power walk through the water stops and some hills. I don’t like doing this but after Kilometer 17 (out of 21) my right hamstring was killing me. So, long story short, for a miserable day of weather and not my best running day ever, I still got in under my goal…since I hadn’t trained like I did for my first one, in which I came in at 2 hours 34 mins, I was really just hoping to come in under 2.5 hours. My time was close to 2 hours 25 mins! In retrospect, I am happy about this because, since I realize I wasn’t having a good running day, if I were, I know I could get in under 2 hours 20 mins. Onwards and upwards!


Funny thing about long races like this (yeah, it is long for me), I generally think 3 things when I am almost finished: 1) Thank Goodness I am almost finished!, 2) If this were only halfway I would just go ahead and die (if I were to do a marathon) and 3) I am never doing this again! However, given a few days, I know that is a lie. The rush of a race and the pride of finishing one is amazing. And I will do it again…after I recover a bit. 🙂




This was a necessary break in blogging about my spring break. I will be back soon to finish out the France part of my voyages … Happy Tuesday all!

3 thoughts on “Marseille Marathon (and semi-marathon) 2013

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