SB2013 – Strasbourg + Lyon, France


After little sleep in Paris we took our long-ish ride to Strasbourg…I didn’t know what to expect from this town since I hadn’t done much along the lines of research before going. I had a friend who suggested it (he went to school there for a few years) and I was excited to see a different part of France. We arrived on time and easily found our airbnb … the Tram in Strasbourg is pretty cool and we were able to get a 24h pass for the two of us (up to three people) right at the train station, where we also bought a map for 1 euro. Don’t forget about the welcome centers in Train stations…they are helpful! As we arrived at the airbnb we realized we didn’t know how to contact our host…we found the phone number only to see that my cell phone was 100% dead. Haha, figures! I went into a little shop and asked if I could plug my phone in for like 2 mins, she didn’t seem to like this request but I looked pitiful so she stood there and watched me while my phone got just enough juice to call the dude.

We sat around for a while, then got out and about to see the city before dark fell. It was gorgeous! I LOVED IT! I didn’t expect to but the ambience of the city, the people, the streets and architecture. It was all lovely. It was a real French city (though some of it felt awfully German… 🙂 ) but without so much hustle-bustle. Our airbnb was just next to the famous cathedral and so we got to really check that out…kinda scary from up close!

For dinner we found a restaurant that my friend suggested would have truly Strasbourgian fare … flambé tart, sauerkraut (choucroute garnie) and good beer. It was called Le Brasseur and I HIGHLY suggest it! We ate until we had trouble moving and we were so happy! We were pooped so we decided that we wanted to spend our evening walking around the river a bit (to work off some of that food!) and then we went to see a movie! Yeah! In VO (bien sur!). It was a lot of fun to chill for a while in a theater!

The next morning we had an afternoon train into Lyon, if I have any regrets from this trip it would be that I couldn’t spend more time in Strasbourg! I will definitely be going back next year!

Next up: Aix-en-Provence and the rest!

2 thoughts on “SB2013 – Strasbourg + Lyon, France

  1. I’m soo happy everytime someone writes something nice on Strasbourg – and I was just there for 7 months! Lovely blog, and you should try and revisit Stras and possible smaller towns/villages like Colmar and Riquewihr/Ribeauville if you can – postcard pretty!

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